First Day of School!

Yesterday was my first day of my freshman year in high school (ahhh!). It went...well. Actually it was going great until it was technically over. So I went to all my classes without getting lost, and I only had to ask my friend's sister for directions once! I liked my teachers, and I had friends in all of my classes. Sounds fine, right? It was! But then, the bell rang after last period, so I headed up to my locker.

First, I couldn't find it. But after turning around (almost 5 times) I found it. But I could NOT open it. I mean that thing was never gonna open. I'm an independent kinda girl, so I didn't want to ask the guy below me for help (I liked him last year... and I just have this thing where I need to show him that I don't need him!). Oh, and I had soccer straight after school! So a girl on my team came up to me and asked where the team room was. I told her she could come with me, but could she try and open my locker? So she tried, but she's short and couldn't see the numbers on the lock! So after that, I decided the ex-crush could help. He couldn't get it either! Now the hallway is empty, aside from me, my teammate, and some random guy who was standing down the hall. We asked him if he could help, so he came and tried, and FINALLY got it open! I thanked him over and over, grabbed my stuff, and we RAN to the team room. Let me tell, you I've never changed that fast in my life!

Hopefully, Tuesday will be better (We have a long weekend). I decided I'll put my stuff in the team room beforehand this time, just in case! And I hope I won't have to ask anyone to help me!

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