Giveaways and Updates!

I haven't blogged in almost a week! (Shame on me!)

Well here I am to tell you about Carlotta's giveaway on her amazing blog! Shes giving away an adorable flowered headband, and a pair of sweet earrings! You should check it out, it ends Monday! Head on over!

Also, I'm going to be adding buttons to my sidebar, so if you would like yours displayed, I would be happy to put it up, just let me know! I also need a new layout/background kind of thing, something more fall-ish, so expect that soon! I'll be busy with all these updates, but I should have some pictures soon of a project I'm doing for school that I'm really excited about. We have to describe ourselves using no words. We can use any medium we want. Paint, pictures, glitter, anything! Of course, I'm using pictures :)

Edit: I've started grabbing buttons...so maybe you're up there already!

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