I Don't Heart Snow.

Today I came home from school ready and determined to get a picture for I Heart Faces this week. I was the only one home, so I pulled out the tripod and headed outside. I had this great idea to lay in the snow like a heart. I'd photoshop the picture so there were two of me. Apparently 10 seconds is not long enough to run down the stairs and hop through the snow. And 20 seconds is too long, as you can see:
So after two tried (and failed) attempts, I got a good one! However, while laying in the snow I realized you wouldn't even be able to see my face. Which kinda defeats the purpose of I Heart Faces. So I'm off to find a brother willing to hold a candy heart or something. We'll see how it goes.
(Oh, and the picture I settled on doesn't even look like a heart!)

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