don't take it for granted.

     I don't like hospitals. They don't scare me, I just can't the though of what goes on inside. One of my friends has been in the hospital since Wednesday with appendicitis. Her appendix had been ruptured for a week, without anyone knowing, they thought she had the flu since it was going around school. Her bloodstream was poisoned with the acid, and she was in bad shape.
     She's getting stronger everyday, and today I visited her. Once you walk in to the hospital, everything becomes so real. She's definitely not her usual hyper, giggly self, but she's heading in the right direction. It's so scary though, thinking about the what-ifs. The hospital was quiet, like everyone was thinking about the what-ifs.  felt guilty coming home when she hasn't come home for days. Life's not fair. Don't take it for granted.

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