chalkboard walls and fresh paint.

 so i redid my bedroom a while ago (over the summer actually) and i found these pictures i took of everything, and they're super pretty so i thought i'd share! chalkboard paint has to be the coolest thing ever invented. like, no joke. it's brilliant. oh, and it's magnetic chalkboard paint. so snazzy. enjoy your wednesday, i'm drowning in homework.

now playing: rainy season- hunter hayes.


  1. Oh my. These ARE lovely! I want to get some magnetic chalkboard paint now. I see that APUSH - SIGH. I'm drowning in homework as well... fun fun fun.

  2. It looks lovely! Very snazzy magnetic chalkboard paint indeed! :D Your room looks so cute!

  3. it sure sounds snazzy! everyone seems to be doing this, i might have to try it out. to be able to draw something on the wall and take it off again sounds amazing. magnetic is always a plus (: