it's always the little things.

     if this week had a mood, it would be content. monday and tuesday i had no school, and the other three days went by quickly. tuesday night felt refreshing because i had a long conversation with a friend where we just talked. about everything, and about nothing. and it felt so good. wednesday night i went to a hunter hayes concert (and almost died of his adorableness) and then met him afterwards. he's a rising country star, and you've maybe never heard of him, but it's the little things.

     also, another little thing, it's october. arguably the best month of the year. fall just smells good. and i can wear riding boots and skinny jeans and cardigans every day. love. so i guess this is a post where i just write really, which is kind of new for me. usually i like more pictures than words. but today, i want to talk and talk and talk.

     and today has been so full of little good things. we ended the day with the homecoming pep rally, which is really just a quality ending to a three day week. partly because we get out of class early and partly because pep rallies are just fun overall. then, after school, it rained and i went to the library and edited some pictures from paris because i miss it there. and the biggest little thing all week was a sweet note i got from a friend. just telling me nice things, totally, completely out of the blue. which makes me really, really happy.

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