friday phone dump.

1. paper cranes in late afternoon light. 2. ginger krinkles. 3. a new old-style movie theater. 4. christmas sweaters. 5. i'd love to drive an old pickup truck. 6. homework. 7. anthropologie love. 8. scenes of my room. 9. bowling.
it's finally friday. we didn't have a full week of school in november, and these past two weeks have been extremely long. also, christmas baking season has begun. ginger krinkles are amazing. they're like gingerbread, but softer, more buttery, and lighter. they're heaven. enjoy your weekend!


  1. oh, cool! now i want some cookies :) are these instagrams?

  2. not instagrams, because i have an android, but there's a really similar app called vignette. i love it!