my valentine to life.

february screams love. it shouts the word, the feeling, the emotion from the rooftops, and never lets anybody forget it. february is  a month reserved for love.

so what happens if you're not in love with someone?

what if you're in love with life? can i send life a valentine?

"oh hey, i really really like you, life. be mine?"

february really doesn't permit this. okay, maybe not february as much as society. valentine's day is for the happy couples and the sappy love songs and overpriced hallmark cards. however, contrary to popular belief, you can actually be in love with life.

and here's the thing: why shouldn't you be? life is full of sunrises and postcards and songs with piano in the background and smiles and kittens and belly-laughs and beaches and friends and blogs and sunsets. no matter what life gives you that is a reason not to love it, there are five reasons to counter that. i think sending life a valentine would be nice. simply because no matter what it throws at you and no matter what you might think, life loves you back, always.

in my valentine to life, i'm going to have to remember to mention that i'm oh so thankful for stuff like sunsets.

and beautiful french songs.

and happiness.


  1. I agree with everything you said! Valentines day should be a day for people and things we love... even if it isn't a boyfriend. You're right, life deserves a valentine!