postcards from february.

hello february! i think i like you a lot. pure blue skies and 60 degree weather helped me make that decision.

also, you're the month of love. and i love love. i'm ready to pull out the sappy books and read every page over and over. (these aren't actually them though. these are all year round awesome books.)

february, i can't help falling in love with you.


  1. Pure blue skies and 60 degree weather are pretty much exact descriptions of what it's like where I live. Maybe not quite as warm, but that's ok. Haha! Yeah! Way to go, bringing out all them sappy books. ;) I was reading the labels at the end of this post and noticed the name "riley." Is that your dog's name? Our golden retriever's name is Riley. He's a goofball - sweet thing.


    1. i kind of want the weather to stay forever! my dog's anme is riley! hahah twin names(: mine's a girl though. i love her soso much(:

  2. Fantastic post! Keep up the good work!