sugar high.

we went to a place where they make maple sugar. it's the cutest little place, and it's kind of a tradition to go each spring.

they have maple soft serve for a quarter. that's right folks, twenty-five cents. it's amazingly good.

they boil the sap in this huge machine in a room where the steam goes out the top, but it's still pretty toasty. the windows get all steamy and it smells like heaven.

 (you can see the big machine and all the steam in the back!)

they serve mainly waffles and pancakes in the adjoining restaurant. for whatever reason, they brought us pickles to start. i love little places like that. it's just their thing.

two hours was worth the drive.


  1. That place looks so neat! A quarter!? Wow!

  2. you know what really inspired me about his post? i have always thought that the things i take pictures of have to be of something specific and special. you took pictures of a couple of light switches and a family photograph and made it look like it could have been a national monument. well maybe not a national monument but you made a few ordinary looking things become something almost beautiful. you don't hesitate to just snap the picture of the tiniest things and i love that! :) you have inspired me to get off this couch and walk outside to take pictures and capture moments of every little thing. thank you Christina :)

    1. oh my goodness, thank you! that light swicth picture is my favorite in the entire post, it just makes the ordinary seem so beautiful!