just summer things.

1. hot days at the lake with friends 2. saying goodbye to friends headed home to germany 3. hats for a british themed party 4. a $3 thrifting find 5. late night sprinkler frolicking 6. thrifting finds 7. on the lake 8. water ripples and friends and tubes

     we're officially two days into summer 2012 and so far, so good. the temperature skyrocketed (and by that i honestly mean that i was wearing jeans last week) into the high 90's and we've been taking refuge in pools, lakes, and air conditioning whenever possible. my friends are in full on party mode before people go their separate ways for the summer and today will mark the third birthday party in a row. nothing's better than cake and ice cream everyday.

     i'm departing for london a week from today (!!!) and i'm not actually sure when i'll really believe i'm going. there will most likely not be another post until afterwards, so bon voyage! enjoy your summers and be on the lookout for a lot of pictures from me in approximately three weeks. (until then, i can assure you i'll be on instagram, i'm wheniminthisdream)


  1. LONDON!? AH! So jealous! Have the time of your life, girl! and these photos are crazy good! Love your thrifting finds :)

  2. You are so lucky! London seems like such a lovely place to visit during the summer. Have fun! And those hats, by the way, look awesome. So does your photography and your blog! xx

  3. These are beautiful Christina! Could you please tell me how you make you put 2 photos side by side like some above? did you make them a collage or is there a way on blogger to do it? Hope to hear from you soon. :) Thanks.

    1. Sorry for the (very) late reply, but I made the collage in photoshop.