i think this is a series now.

the end of the year does that to you. admit it, the nostalgia and the memories, they make you want to reflect. so here's my year in songs. and i guess this is an end of 2012 series now. which means i'll be back tomorrow (see the new year just does that!) happy sunday.


  1. i would've made a mixtape for 2012, but i couldn't find the right songs (shame on me) to really show everyone what i felt each month. i do commend you, though, for doing it. some of my favourite artists are featured here (YEAH ED SHEERAN).

    1. aren't mixtapes the greatest things ever?! thank you(:

  2. yey for ed sheeran and john mayer here! love this mixtape, thanks for sharing (happy new year! x)

  3. I get so nostalgic at the end of the year -- I made a mixtape too but mine was about 75 songs long...oops. Anyway, love this, esp. the Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons. :)