on being alive.

on fernweh, carlotta posed this question:
and it really made me think.

-laying in a field of daisies that literally went as far as the eye could see-

-being in the open air five hundred feet above long beach island-

-running through the rain and ducking into a small coffee shop on portobello road-

-tie dying until our hands were purple and our feet were muddy-

-dancing to live reggae music in the tiniest little gallery space-

-plunging into an ice cold river with the sun streaming down-

-that 38 minute flight from new york to boston-

there's something spectacular
that comes out of being alive,
not being the past and not being the future.
there is no past or future.
it's just you and now and here.
my incredibly talented best friend wrote these words for a video project and i can't think of a better way to say it.

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  1. this is good, so so good. and i'm in love with that last photo. xoxo