a post about photos, the present, and the future

can you say photo-heavy? sorry about that. last week was my whirlwind college visit trip to baltimore, washington d.c., and new york city. i loved the traveling and seeing new places (okay, only baltimore was new) and the food, and yeah, the colleges. 

the most poignant picture in this post though, has nothing to do with colleges. it's that one from washington with the flags at half mast. for my city. for boston. i was born and raised here- seeing those flags lowered not only in my own town common but almost 450 miles away was something else. like it was really real once i saw that. it's been two weeks and i'm talking about it now because a) i just hadn't gotten around to it before and b) it still feels so surreal and i don't even know what to say. so that's now and that's the front page of my newspaper everyday and the hushed talk everywhere, even two weeks later.

on a much brighter note, in new york we saw annie on broadway and ate incredible italian pastries from cake boss cafe. oh, and b&h photo- i have no words. it has to be the actual north pole, right? 70,000 square feet of cameras and lenses and conveyor belts and $6 viewfinder cushion things (unfortunately that was all i needed there).

also, art schools are really cool. they have dark rooms and mac suites and camera equipment libraries and book libraries designed by tiffany & co. one more year and that's the future, which is scary and ridiculously exciting and intimidating all at the exact same time.


  1. i absolutely love your photos. i wish for the day i could visit these places as well. wonderful post! x

  2. ahhh this is so beautiful; you're photos are swarming with emotion. may I ask if you intend on going to one of these lovely colleges? xx

    1. i'm a junior so only time will tell! this was just a preliminary visit

  3. good colleges (and pictures, too)... xo