30 Minutes of Fame

My post yesterday sparked some interest about my being on TV twice in one day!

On Friday morning, out local Fox station was doing what they call their "Zip Trip" where they visit different towns and broadcast all morning from the town. My friend, Victoria, and I went down to our town common at 6:30 am to try and get on TV. We were in the background of many shots, and multiple people texted me saying, "I see you on TV!" I screencapped this to show you... I'm the one circled! The second picture is my take on the morning :)

About an hour after I got home from the Zip Trip my friend Julie picked me up to go to the beach. There had been some shark sightings, but we planned to only go in up to our waists. When we were leaving the beach, we saw a news truck in the parking lot, and a guy filming some official taking down the sign that said there had been a shark sighting. We didn't expect to be on camera, but my dad was watching the news that night, and we were on camera! Again, the first picture is the screencapped one from the news, and the second is my take :)

So in the end, we got free t-shirts from the Fox station, free food from the restaurants they interviewed, a fun day at the beach (and survived!) and I was on the morning news and evening news... on two different stations! I'd say the day was a success.

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