Long Time, No See!

Goodness! It's been so long since I last posted! I've been busy. With picture taking, playing hide and seek, and planning my own little Ava's Tea Party. Oh, and being on the news twice in one day (30 minutes of fame perhaps?)

I got back from Cincinnati on Tuesday. I know, I know, it's Saturday now, and I haven't posted ANY pictures from my trip! The wait is over!

This is Courtney. She's my adorable second cousin, and she's ~almost~ three years old. She was shy for the camera at first, but warmed up really quickly! She loved to play hide and seek! She couldn't quite count by herself, but she would echo me when we counted together. However, when she got into the teens, she knew them pretty well. Until 13. Ex. "...10, 11, 12, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13..." Maybe she's just a tiny Taylor Swift wannabe...

This is Ethan. He's my second cousin as well, but not Courtney's brother. He borrowed his mom's camera, I promised I'd watch him with it outside, and that's when I decided he was a little photographer in training!

Meet Meghan. She's 5, and super sweet! (And Courtney's older sister!) When she saw me with my camera, she immediately said, "Let's go outside and take pictures!" However, when we actually got outside, she was more into playing hide and seek. (Which I must have played for three hours straight!)

This is Karen. You probably recognize her from my Cape Cod pictures! She still is missing her two front teeth, and she's still a ham for the camera! She is somewhat amazed by my camera, and that I bring it everywhere! She said to me, "You even brought your camera here?" Well, yes Karen, I did.

I still have more to cover, in another post, probably tomorrow. I'm looking forward to RAW(e)'s Vintage theme this coming week, and have the perfect picture in mind as well! Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. adorable photos! and i'd love to hear the story behind your being on the news...hint hint ;)

  2. Lol, I still have more to cover I said!

  3. Cute pictures! Love them all! (: