Friends Are Like Stars...

...Sometimes you can't see them but you know they're always there. I love my friends. I love every single thing about every one of them. They can make me smile when I feel like crying, we can be crazy together, and we all just get each other. I'm so grateful to have people like this in my life. I'm excited because my mom still talks about and is friends with her best friends from high school. And starting high school this year means that when I'm a forty something mom, I'll still remember them. But then again, they are hard to forget. Thanks best friends. ♥

(We're not freaks all the time, I promise. We just dressed up like Lady Gaga.)


  1. you're right.. friends are so much:)
    - nicki xo
    p.s. which one are you in the first two?:)

  2. aw, cute pictures! such an adorable post...you definitely made me smile! (:


  3. Nicki I'm on the far right in the 1st one and in the bottom left corner in the polka dot shirt in the 2nd!