a good idea.

if you like pictures (which you do, because you're on my blog) and you like paris (really, who doesn't?) today has just become your lucky day.
paris is, in a word, incrediblyamazinglyperfect. okay, that's three words, but i can't describe it in just one. 
 i mean, take a look at this picture. it's the street! and it's perfect. it's very old world, but you see buses driving on it (which does kind of ruin it when pretending you actually have stepped back in time...).
and these are lamps. street lamps. and they're gorgeous. i'll tell you why the street and street lamps are gorgeous; it's paris. everything's gorgeous. (in fact, there's so much gorgeous, this one post make take up an entire page of my blog.)
there will always be a spot in my heart for the eiffel tower. there always has been one, even before i went to paris. we climbed the stairs to the second platform (now that's a workout!) as the top was closed for congestion. the views were stunning regardless.
i'd love to spend more time in paris. we did as much as we could in a day and a half. every moment of it was incredible.
this is a lifestyle i could get used to. ipod in, riding my bike, looking stylish, all while in paris! it's even a gorgeous bike! well, that's because everything's gorgeous in paris.
i love the old style of everything in paris. the metro is very modern (and very convienent) but this sign says otherwise. 
and the buildings. oh, i'm completely in love with the buildings. tell me, who wouldn't want to live here forever? run downstairs, grab a beignet de pomme for breakfast (maybe not so nutritious, but oh my goodness! delicious.) and sit on your little balcony sipping tea. 
the louvre is another incredible example of the old world feel mixed with modern. the pyramids are stunning, very architectural, but not sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the buildings of the museum.
and could we just pause a moment and swoon over this couple? how adorable are they? (yes, i'm silently hoping that could be me in time.)
after we left the louvre, it downpoured. it was hot that day, and the rain felt so nice. it let up after five or ten minutes, leaving sparkling water droplets on everything and the sun shining bright again.
the jardin de tuileries is so beautiful. these are my new favorite flowers. the pinks and purples are sweet, and the bokeh in this shot makes me happy.
again, i'm swooning over the buildings.
oh, i wanted to rent a bike so badly. or own a pretty vintage blue one, with a basket for baguettes and more beignets de pomme. alright, i've gotta stay on topic. anyway, you could rent these everywhere, and there were lines and lines of them.
i love this picture, but i couldn't tell you why. it just intrigues me.
this post would not be complete without the arc de triomphe. the detail is meticulous, and i wish we could have gone up it, but we had a flight to catch. next time.
just when you thought it couldn't get more perfect, you turn around. how is that possible? this is paris, my friends.
i took at least 60 shots of this ferris wheel. i don't know why, my parents think it was redundant, but how beautiful is this? 
by now, i'm sure you're sick of me, and reading this. so i'll leave you with this picture of the most beautiful thing in paris, and the best quote i know.

"paris is always a good idea."- audrey hepburn

(and tomorrow, if you still like pictures, and you like south africa/animals/the beach/sunrises, it could even be your lucky day again!)

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  1. I'm going to Paris in the fall...these photos make me happy!