south africa. [part one]

south africa is the most gorgeous place i've ever been. this was my second visit, and it was the perfect relaxing, exhilarating, eye opening vacation.
we flew into johannesburg from paris, and then down to durban to spend two days with my great aunt and uncle at their house, with an ocean view and short walk to the beach. i spotted monkeys in the backyard one day, and again on the way down to the beach.
even in the middle of their winter, gorgeous flowers bloomed. i told you it was beautiful!
i think this sign we passed on the way to the beach has seen better days. but it's still an interesting picture. they drive on the left side of the road there, and since we've been home i keep thinking, "oh shoot, we turned into the wrong lane!"
the beach was incredible. the sand was soft and warm in the golden light, and the foamy sea rushed in and out over your toes.
like i said, it's a gorgeous place.
one day, we headed to oribi gorge, and were treated to incredible views and a little coffee house hidden away that served delicious coffee milkshakes!
from there, we headed north to the hluhluwe game reserve (pronounced shish-louie) with my dad's cousins and their kids. we drove in at sunset, and the light could not have been more gorgeous shining through the brown grasses.
 last time we were in south africa, we spotted 4 out of the big five (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, and water buffalo) and this time we felt pretty confidant about seeing a leopard to complete our big five sightings. we left the game park three days later without a leopard sighting, but having spotted the big four, as we call it, again.
as we drive through the game park, i found myself staring, just intrigued by the beauty and mysteriousness of these animals. not just the giraffes, but all animals we spotted.
this shot absolutely takes my breath away. this is shot with no zoom, me leaning over my brother to get a closer picture, and this zebra munching away happily.
i'm in love with this picture. so maybe sitting on the frame of your car is forbidden in the park, but when zebras call, rule breaking may be necessary.
we saw kudu, isn't the reflection perfect?
and wildebeest. (is he looking directly at the camera?)
and lazy rhino.
and at the end of the day, we saw this.

stay tuned for part two tomorrow! i couldn't show you 3 weeks of pictures in one post...i've gotta drag it out.


  1. My mouth literally just dropped. I've wanted to go to South Africa for such a long time. Now you just confirmed all the reasons I've wanted to go.

  2. so gorgeous! oh man, South Africa is definitely on my bucket list now :)

  3. These are amazing! I'm obsessed with the zebra picture, it's so close!

  4. These photos are spectacular! So gorgeous. I'm in love with these! Can't wait for part two :)

  5. That picture of the ocean is seriously breathtaking. They all are, of course, but that is just awesome! :)

  6. Your pictures are just amazing! I live in South Africa so it was really nice to see your photos. Hope your stay was wonderful.

  7. These photos are amazing! I am so glad you came over and followed my blog because now, I can enjoy some awesome inspiring photos :) Thanks