for ava.

ava rosemeyer. gone too soon, we remember her every year with a tea party.
it's a simple thing, really. no need for extravagant china, or white gloves. just two best friends, and tea. and fun photo props.
we experimented with photography techniques, and laughed. we talked, and talked, sipped raspberry tea, and sometimes, were just quiet. words weren't always necessary.
neither of us could actually play guitar, but it modeled for us.
at one point, maddie said to me, "this is so nice. just sitting here and enjoying this last week of summer while everyone else is running around, or on the computer; tumblrfacebooktwitter". and it was so nice. the day was perfect, warm and sunny, and the company was perfect too.

happy birthday superprincess.


  1. i really like ur photography.. its awesome :D keep up the awesome-ness ;]