it's the little things.

(super excited to be linking up at aisle to aloha!)

the weekend.
I earned mine this week. I had 5 and a half million things to do this week, and I'm finally done. A history project (okay, not done with that...but I get a break), a TV production video due, endless word problems and literal equations...oh the joys of back to school.

the realization that i've run 27 miles in the past 2 weeks.
This doesn't even need an explanation. I'm just surprised I'm still alive.

own the night.
Gotta love Lady Antebellum. And unexpectedly being bought the CD just because, that's pretty awesome too. Also, I recommend listening to 'Dancin' Away With My Heart' a ridiculous amount of times, because that tactic's working pretty well for me...

the cat i saw on a leash today.
I can't decide if this is cool or extremely strange. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it to entertain you with, but just picture a lady walking, stroking, her cat on a leash. Okay, I've decided on extremely weird.

the fact that i wrote a rough draft of this blog post while i was bored in school yesterday.

Aisle to Aloha


  1. This is great!

    haha I've totally written a rough blog draft on paper when I'm not at the computer too!
    Don't want to forget the words that want to pour out.

    I have acually seen a cat on a leash, so I can totally imagine it.

    Nice to "meet" you from the linkup party!

  2. hehehe a rough draft, thats new for me.

    Great list!

    Following from Aloha :-)


  3. so I googled and listened to the song you mentioned...and LOVE it :) aaaand I may or may not make the same blog rough drafts during class too :) Happy weekend!

  4. So cute...I loved this post. :) Visiting from Lindsay's link up! XO

  5. I love this it's the little things link-up party :]

    I really like the photo of the calendar. It's always a great feeling getting things accomplished!

    27 miles? May I borrow some dedication? Haha I'm slightly lacking.

  6. i love the list... its pretty awesome! i havent heard LA's new disc yet.... gonna check it ou!

  7. I love that I found someone else who rough-drafts their blog posts... hand-written! ::high-five:: Btw I love your handwriting :)