Did you know September is pediatric cancer awareness month? And did you know that yellow is the color for pediatric cancer awareness? Childhood cancer isn't 'marketed' like breast cancer or Alzheimer's or anything else. It flies under the radar, yet, thousands of children are diagnosed every year. Two weeks ago, I attended a funeral for Nicole, a family friend who passed away at only 9 years old. Today, I was the official photographer at the Kids PMC (Pan Mass Challenge) where in the past 6 years, over $20,000 has been raised to try to find a cure for some of the many types of pediatric cancer.

At this event, coordinated by my friends (amazing job guys!), I met Jackie. She's a 4 year old little girl who is currently in remission after battling a brain tumor. Had I known nothing about her, all I could tell you is that she's turning 5 tomorrow, and she's super excited, she loves Victorious, as well as all things pink and sparkly. You would never know she's so bravely fought cancer.

So, for the rest of September, wear yellow once or twice, read Notes Left Behind (the incredible story of Elena Desserich, I'd recommend it to anybody), and please, don't forget about pediatric cancer.

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  1. Aw, I had no idea about that September was pediatric cancer awareness month. Trust me, I will have no problem wearing yellow :]

    That's exciting that you were the official photographer for the event. I'm a huge supporter nonprofits (part of my major) and events like this, so kudos!

    It's so sad when young ones pass :/