jeremiah was a bullfrog.

so, today i visited a nature place to observe for a biology project that i'm working on, and we're not allowed to use any pictures on the project that aren't our own so it was right up my alley! it turned out to be a gorgeous day and i got some great shots. also-- the header's back! yay! it was a hosting difficulty. also, i figured out how to make each photoset the same width! needless to say, i'm going to bed happy tonight. happy mother's day, and good luck on surviving your monday tomorrow.

p.s. yay or nay on the photosets? i've been using them because my blog storage is full but it'll usually let me upload 3 or 4 photos and pasting the codes from somewhere else is just a pain. thoughts?

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  1. Ah, these photosets are amazing! :) and if you do do the whole pasting codes from somewhere else thing you'll get the hang of it eventually! That's how I've been doing it since the beginning and it works wonderfully! :)