the traveling nikon.

so here are a few things i just don't get. one-- why my header went missing. where does a header go? can you see it by chance? two-- how, when i make both of these photosets the same exact width in photoshop, the top one is wider. why? seriously though about the header, it just disappeared. weird. i'll give it some time to find it's way back. mainly because i'm too lazy to recode it right now.
basically, i have nothing much else to say, except that i survived ap us history (!!!) and it's such a beautiful day right now. as much as i like being curled up with the window open and my laptop and coldplay on, i've got to go find something to do. have a great weekend!
p.s. these are my favorite pictures in a while.


  1. I saw the space where your header was trying to load when I first came to your blog page, but then instead of loading it just went away.
    I hope you can figure out what is wrong with it. I have no idea how one would go about fixing it.

    These pictures are so gorgeous!

    And, congrats on surviving ap U.S. History! =)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah, I love these! I can't see your header either :S

  3. Hahaha, I was about to comment literally the EXACT same thing as Hope. These are so cool! And yeah, all I see is that annoying little question mark box where your header should be...

  4. these pictures are great! and i can't see your header either. congrats on surviving apush! xx

  5. I love that camera strap! *swoon*

    Have you tried uploading your header image into something like Photobucket, then putting it as your header through a link? Might help. :)


  6. camera strap + beautiful days + coldplay = lovelovelove ;)