that's what's going on.

hey! you may have noticed i gave the blog a face lift, and i'm loving it. also, i haven't seen the sun in days, i just wrote a 244 page history report, and i'm seeing lady antebellum in concert tonight. so, until i have some more interesting pictures to post and stories to tell, enjoy this photo of the statue of liberty. that's what's going on.


  1. The blog update looks great, Christina!
    I'm curious...How did you learn to make all of the blog design details?

    1. thank you! i'm mostly self taught, though i find a lot of inspiration/goodies on puglypixel.com, design-seeds.net, deviantart.com, and animus.three-words.net!

  2. Your blog looks like the bee's knees. :)

  3. Stinks that our Internet is out and I can't see what I'm sure is a rad design because I'm using an iPhone :)
    I'll have to check it when it come back.
    So excited to see the pictures!