confessions of a scarfaholic

so i jumped on the scarf bandwagon a while ago and it's the best jump i've ever made. one cannot have too many scarves, of that i am certain. but they are so. expensive. which is really kind of dumb because they're either a) fabric or b) yarn. and i'm paying upwards of $20 for that?

solution: joann's fabrics. raid the clearance fabrics and buy half a yard. that gold striped fabric? $1.50. that's a $1.50 scarf. okay, so you need minimal sewing machine experience, but when i say minimal i mean really, really minimal. 

also, i retaught myself how to knit. why is it so limited to old ladies? i took a class when i was in 5th grade and then i just kind of forgot how to knit but i realized that i could be making scarves. so i watched some tutorials and bam! i have a chunky cream infinity scarf coming my way. 

my total savings wasn't anything incredible, but essentially i got 3 scarves for $18. and i feel really crafty doing it. if you're on february break this week, make it a week long project. if you're not, i'm sorry, that's really unfortunate.

happy scarf obsessing.

(oh yes, there's a new blog design! also the sidebar doesn't work [yet] so if anyone knows why the html gadget isn't letting my image be clickable, which it is coded for, please help a girl out!)


  1. love the new blog design, and your knitting skills are great! haha, there's no need for scarfs where i'm at, (the weather here's hot) but I just love them anyway.

  2. Knitting is so fun. It kills time like mad.