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1. origami hearts//p.s. blog 2. to the moon and back card//quill and fox 3. G L A S S//one love photo
paint on print//reyveille 5. to be together//the last song, nicholas sparks

disclaimer: i hate valentine's day more than anything. that being said, i just love love. but valentine's day is a hallmark holiday. it's tacky. it was created for the flowers and the chocolate and the cards. i made it a point not to wear pink this morning and was consequently staring at my closet for much longer than i should have been (i never even wear pink, i only have about 3 pink shirts but i was just drawn to them today. self control, christina.). but love, love is a totally different thing. these are some of my favorite love or pink or valentine's day related pins. oh man, i wish i had someone to give that sweet little card to. 

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  1. i never really give much thought to valentine's day either... so, here's to chocolate ;) nice collection!